Overturning Roe: An End or a Beginning?

“The human mind is generally far more eager to praise or dispraise than it is to describe and define."C.S. Lewis I have never been one to seek unnecessary controversy, and thus far on my blog I have not waded into the waters of the 'hot button' issues here in the United States. I attempted to… Continue reading Overturning Roe: An End or a Beginning?

What I Have Been Reading….

It has been I awhile since I have posted anything about my recent books, so here is an update. I have been reading some lighter fare recently as I have recently returned to full time teaching and have less time for reading and blogging at the moment. I hope you enjoy these reviews and if… Continue reading What I Have Been Reading….

A Meditation on Loneliness

Last year when writing a series focusing on how genuine Christian community can counteract our growing political polarization, I wrote a post on the loneliness epidemic that many modern societies around the world are experiencing. As I researched the topic of loneliness, I was overwhelmed by the mountain of information I found regarding the both the impact… Continue reading A Meditation on Loneliness

What I Have Been Reading….

This will be the first post to begin my second full year of blogging.... I appreciate all who have taken the time to read any of my posts over the last year. I have enjoyed writing posts, sharing my thoughts and discussing some books I have enjoyed reading. This year I am planning on writing… Continue reading What I Have Been Reading….

What I Have Been Reading….

Here are short reviews of a couple of books I have read recently, as well as some links to online blogs or articles I thought were interesting. *I am an affiliate with both Bookshop.org and Christian Book Distributors. I receive a small percentage of any sales generated on any links on this website.* Book Reviews… Continue reading What I Have Been Reading….

Reflections on Exodus: Moses and the God Beyond Mythology

The book of Exodus is one the most evocative in the Bible. It has miracles, conflict, dramatic escapes, and an emotionally powerful story of a oppressed, enslaved group of people (the Israelites or Hebrews) finally gaining their freedom and the hope of the 'promised land'- a land that would be their own. There are two… Continue reading Reflections on Exodus: Moses and the God Beyond Mythology