What I Have Been Reading….George Macdonald, The Weight of Glory, and Strength of Soul

Here are a few selections of what I have been reading over the last couple of months. I hope you enjoy reading this and if you haven’t read them yourself you can purchase them through the links if you are interested.

The Weight of Glory: And Other Addresses
By C.S. Lewis / HarperOne

Nine sermons and addresses delivered by Lewis during World War II, including “Transposition,” “On Forgiveness,” “Why I Am Not a Pacifist,” “Learning in War-Time,” and his most famous, “The Weight of Glory.” “These display color, power, and profound thinking,”—Evangelical Beacon. Paperback with French flaps and deckled page edges.

‘The Weight of Glory’ is a classic collection of essays from C. S. Lewis. The essays cover a variety of topics including pacifism, the value of education, forgiveness, and a considered examination of human longing and desire for something outside of this world. I have long viewed C. S. Lewis as a spiritual mentor, and this particular collection has several essays that have influenced my thinking and shaped who I am as person. The title essay ‘The Weight of Glory’ is one of the most beautiful pieces of spiritual writing I have come across. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the life we live.

Strength of Soul
By W. Phillip Keller / Kregel Publications

‘Strength of Soul’ is a spiritual/devotional work by W. Philip Keller. Written in his later years, Keller shares spiritual advice and wisdom on how to find the spiritual depth to weather the stress, anxiety, hopelessness and despair that assail us in our modern world. Writing of subjects such as ‘Dealing with Death’, ‘How to See Life’s Silver Edge’, and ‘The Glory of Gratitude’, Keller goal is to help develop the a spiritual strength that is more than academic knowledge and more resilient than the shallow faith that allows life challenges to overwhelm. I would recommend ‘Strength of Soul’ to anyone who is looking for a faith that can stand up to

George MacDonald was a Scottish minister who become far more well known as a writer. He wrote novels, plays, poetry, sermons, and he is most well known for his fantasy writing. Influencing writers such as C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Madeleine L’engle, his fantasy works continue to have influence to this day. This anthology by Rolland Hein contains a sampling of each genre that MacDonald wrote in. MacDonald’s fantasy (in this collection was the ‘Golden Key’ and ‘The Princess and Curdie’) has impacted me far more than any other writing of his, but I did find the poetry selections to be very worthwhile. MacDonald wrote a people for everyday of the year and many were reflections on his spiritual struggles as well as praises God’s character. One of my favorites:

“Haste to me, Lord, when this fool heart of mine Begins to gnaw itself with selfish craving Or, like a foul thing scarcely worth the saving Swoln up with wrath, desireth vengeance fine Haste, Lord, to help, when reason favors wrong Haste when thy soul, the high born thing divine Is torn by passions raving, maniac throng”

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