A Meditation on Loneliness

Last year when writing a series focusing on how genuine Christian community can counteract our growing political polarization, I wrote a post on┬áthe loneliness epidemic┬áthat many modern societies around the world are experiencing. As I researched the topic of loneliness, I was overwhelmed by the mountain of information I found regarding the both the impact… Continue reading A Meditation on Loneliness

From Moral Loneliness to Moral Companionship: Loneliness Epidemic

In my last post I connected hyper-individualism and the church's failure to provide meaningful, deep community to the rise of political tribalism. One of the consequences of a highly individualistic society is loneliness, which as been described as an epidemic in the United States. This feeling of social isolation is one of the key drivers in… Continue reading From Moral Loneliness to Moral Companionship: Loneliness Epidemic